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Education and Qualifactions of your Jewelry Appraiser

Continual education is very important in the jewelry appraisal profession. Duane, spends 5-6 weeks a year attending continual education classes at GIA, and other Appraisal organizations, such as The American Society of Appraisers, Gem World, National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and GIA Alumni Association. Because of the constantly changing world of treated diamonds and treatments to color stones, it's very important that your appraiser be educated on all the current treatments and trends in the jewelry industry.  

Credentials & Background Duane William Hutchison


Master Gemologist Appraiser, MGA

Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA

Certified Insurance Appraiser, CIA

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers NAJA,, Member

Graduate Gemologist GG, resident student GIA, Carlsbad CA.

GIA Alumni Association, Active Member

The Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute, Member

Vice President, South Florida chapter of "American Society of Appraisers"

Treasurer for Gems and Jewelry "American Society of Appraisers"

Duane's Appraisal Training

"American Society Of Appraisers" Certification Courses:

PP201/GJ-Introduction to Personal Property Valuation,

PP202/GJ-Development of an Appraisal: Research and Analysis, PP203/GJ-Communication of a Personal Property Appraisal,

PP204/GJ-Personal Property Valuation, The Legal and Regulatory Environment. Completed at Purchase College in Purchase New York, 2015         

- "American Society of Appraisers" "Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" (USPAP) course, Las Vegas, 2015.

- "International Society of Appraisers": Asian Decorative Arts, Identification, Descriptions, and Valuation seminar. June 2015.

- "Advanced Diamond Grading Course GJ209" thought by "Gemological Institute of America" (GIA) Carlsbad CA 2015

- "American Society of Appraisers" workshop GJ202, "Insurance Appraisals" 2015

-"Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute" Completed course as a "Certified Insurance Appraiser" Louisville KY 2015.

- "Emerald Treatments and Pricing Workshop", presented by Gemworld, Ft Lauderdale FL November 2015.

-"Colored Stone Grading and Pricing Workshop", presented by Gemworld, Ft Lauderdale FL November 2015.

-"Corundum Treatments and Pricing Workshop", presented by Gemworld, Ft Lauderdale FL November 2015.

-Advanced Personal Property Report writing for IRS/Estate purposes. ASA, Dallas TX March 2016

-Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA, of the "American Society of Appraisers". 2016

-Master Gemologist Appraiser, MGA, "American Society of Appraisers". 2016

-Advanced "Jade" grading and valuation workshop, ASA International Conference 2016

-"American Society of Appraisers" International 2016 Conference Boca Raton FL 2016

"Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice" (USPAP) 7 hours update webinar course. January 2017.

Tucson Gem Show January 2017, conference and classes.

American Society of Appraisers 2017 International Conference, Houston TX, October

American Society of Appraisers, ASA, 2018 "Synthetic Diamond Identification"


Western Michigan University

Gemological Institute of America (GIA) resident student at world headquarters Carlsbad, CA.

Purchase College, Purchase NY, Personal Property Appraisal Courses

Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute


"National Association of Jewelry Appraisers" (NAJA) Active Member

"American Society of Appraisers" Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA)

"Gemological Institute of America" (GIA) Alumni Association, Active member

"Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce" Active Member

"Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute" Certified Insurance Appraiser (CIA)

"National Association of Divorce Professionals" Boca Raton FL, Chapter Active Member

"Business Interest Group" Boca Raton FL, Active Member

The Boca Raton Office of "D & H Jewelry Appraisals"

The office/laboratory is located in Boca Raton Fl on the second floor above the International Jewelry Exchange. We are fully insured and offer a very safe comfortable environment for your appraisal services.


Contact: Duane W Hutchison, GG, MGA, ASA, CIA

Tel: 561-955-0438


Date: November 12,2015

Duane W Hutchison earns Certified Insurance Appraiser™ diploma:

Adds specialized appraisal expertise to D & H Jewelry Appraisals. 

(Boca Raton, FL): Duane W Hutchison of D & H Jewelry Appraisals at 8221 Glades Road Suite 208-4 recently completed specialized studies and became a Certified Insurance Appraiser™ in jewelry.

Appraisals for insurance are the most common jewelry appraisals requested. Because the insurer relies on the appraisal in setting premiums and settling claims, it is to the jewelry owner’s advantage to have as accurate and detailed an appraisal as possible.

A Certified Insurance AppraiserTM thoroughly examines the jewelry in a gem lab and documents in detail all features and qualities necessary to completely describe the jewelry. A detailed CIATM appraisal protects both the jewelry owner and the insurer, giving each party a record of exactly what is being insured, the item’s true value, and what can be expected should a replacement or settlement become necessary. In addition, an insurance appraisal prepared by a CIATM can mean significant premium discounts for the consumer.

The CIA™ course is offered by the Jewelry Insurance Appraisal Institute. It is the only jewelry appraisal training program certified to the highest insurance industry standards, as supported by the Jewelry Insurance Standards Organization (JISO).

D & H Jewelry Appraisals has been serving the Boca Raton community since 2012.

Why us?

We are an Independent Jewelry Appraisal Laboratory offering unbiased appraisals. Our number one goal is to ensure that your appraisal report is completed to the highest of standards, professionally done and meets all the industry requirements.

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