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Brokerage Service

Brokerage Service: Let us sell your Jewelry and Watches thru our network of qualified buyers. 

Selling your jewelry can be confusing and difficult, knowing who to trust? how much to charge? Don't sell your items until you know the true market value. We do not buy the items; we represent you in the sale, getting you the maximum amount from our qualified buyers. We will examine the items, appraise the fair market value and then  find qualified buyers in the appropriate marketplace from our network of buyers, dealers, and retailers throughout the country.  When you sell directly to someone their goal is to buy a low as possible, when you use our broker service our goal is to get you the most money for your items.

How the process works:  We set an appointment for a free consultation so we can look at your items and offer our suggestion on the best market place to sell.  The goal is to find a buyer that wants the items you have for sale.  Everyone buys and then they resell and that person resells.  Our goal is to find the person that wants the pieces to either sell in their jewelry store or wear themselves.  This cuts out middle sellers and gives you more money.  There are different market places to sell, we can sell to a scrap refinery, retailer, private buyer  or auction.  What we do is evaluate your items determine the value you should get and then go look for buyers in one of the mentioned market places.  Some jewelry just gets scrap value, if thats the case we will get the highest amount going right to a gold refinery buyer.  If the items are to go to a dealer we look for the dealer that wants the pieces and does not want to buy to resell to another dealer.  We also have privates that are looking to buy certain items and last is auction.  Certain items will do best in auction, we consult with an auction house for their recommendation of value and if there is more money to be made that way over a dealer then we will go with the auction.  There are several auction houses we use and based on the items we would determine the best auction house for your items. Not all auctions houses are the same, some have high fees and  the results are different for different types of jewelry.   Let us do the work to determine the values and if auction is appropriate decide on the most appropriate auction house to use.  Always, remember we work for you and our goal is to get you the most money for your items.. 

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 References available.

Reference from client: August 2016

  Recently, my mother passed away & I was left with the task of liquidating her  belongings which included jewelry, clothing, vehicles,furniture & artwork. I live in Montana & my mothers residence is in Florida so I began the search for a local South Florida appraiser. I contacted several but was most impressed with Duane Hutchison. I was looking for someone not directly affiliated with a jewelry store, who had compassion in this time of family mourning and who was well connected with sources in the business of estate liquidation. Duane matched my needs and helped me with every category of belongings. His knowledge of jewelry, is incredible and his help and guidance in liquidating my mothers possessions was impressive. He knows appraisers in other states that he contacted to help sell some of the jewelry. Lastly, his follow through with any and all my requests was done with real professionalism.


January 2017
  After my husband passed away I decided to downsize all my jewelry.  I took all my jewelry to Duane at D & H Appraisals, Duane evaluated everything and then  found buyers for all my jewelry.  My goal was to sell the pieces that I no longer wore, I had old dated gold pieces sitting in the safe and drawer that I never wore, I wanted  to replace them with a few nice pieces that I would wear.  Duane, was great he spent the time explaining the process and then he went to work.  After he sold the pieces we discussed what I wanted to buy.  He helped me in finding a great watch, bracelet, earrings and necklace, all that I wear everyday.  I am so happy with my new jewelry and could not have done this without Duane's help.  I would recommend Duane for any jewelry needs especially with selling and finding new items.


April 2017
   Duane, really helped me out after my wife passed.  My wife had a big jewelry collection but I had no idea what was gold and what was fake.  Duane, went thru all the jewelry separating costume from real. He then sold the pieces for me this was a great help in such a difficult time for me.


June 2017
After my mother passed we did not know where to go to help value her jewelry.  We found Duane's website on line and glad we did, he took the time to evaluate and sell her jewelry.  We are very happy with the results and highly recommend Duane.  


November 2017
Duane helped us find a new engagement ring.  He was patience as we took our time but found us the perfect ring at an amazing price.